Electrical Contacts & Stampings

Electrical contacts and stampings are inside almost every type of electromechanical device made. You will find Norstan parts in automotive, appliances, elevator control systems, aerospace, commercial and industrial controls, critical relays, medical, switches, thermostats, and more.

About Our Company

All Norstan production is in the USA.

Since 1966, we have been a leading manufacturer of highly specialized precision electrical contacts and stampings in both the short and long production runs. We have been providing our customers with unmatched expertise in metal stamping, cold heading, brazing, metallurgy, and engineering.

Our parts are hidden inside. Our electrical contacts and stampings can be very discrete. They are inside almost every type of electromechanical device made. In vehicles, appliances, elevator control systems, aerospace only you don’t see them they are integrated into switches, relays, timers, thermostats, and controls.

Three Reasons to Choose Norstan


All tooling and manufacturing is done in-house, in Pleasant Prairie, WI. USA. Our experienced team of tool designers and tool & die makers design and build tools in-house.

True On-Time Delivery

With simpler logistics and superior customer communications, we deliver faster and free from errors.

Engineering Excellence

Our in-house engineering team works closely with you throughout the development process to
make sure the part exceeds your expectation. Designs are completed with tool maintenance
and ease of construction in mind.

News & Update

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