About us

About Our Company

All Norstan production is in the USA.

Since 1966, we have been a leading manufacturer of highly specialized precision electrical contacts and stampings in both the short and long production runs. We have been providing our customers with unmatched expertise in metal stamping, cold heading, brazing, metallurgy, and engineering.

Our parts are hidden inside. Our electrical contacts and stampings can be very discrete. They are inside almost every type of electromechanical device made. In vehicles, appliances, elevator control systems, aerospace only you don’t see them they are integrated into switches, relays, timers, thermostats, and controls.

Norstan Inc.’s manufacturing facility follows an ISO 9001-2015 certified quality management system and is available to work with you to develop and bring your project to completion in the most cost-effective way possible.

Committed to partnering with you by responding to the special requirements of your part, your business, and your industry, we deliver the kind of measurable results that have allowed us to continue to be a manufacturer of choice among leading OEMs across industries for more than fifty six years.

3 Things You
Should Know About Us

Continually focused on
reducing our customers’ costs

We allocate manpower, budgets, and all resources for maximum cost effectiveness.

Committed to the best quality
and continuous improvement

We continually audit and review our processes
to consistently improve, as well as
mitigate risks.

We care about our

We are proud of our environment-conscious manufacturing practices. We are conflict
mineral and RoHs compliant.

Our Promise

100% Customer

Every customer is an “A” customer… Always! We are committed to eliminate errors at every stage of the product design, development and manufacturing process.


Continuously seek new technologies and new ways to improve processes. Our team members are rewarded for innovative ideas.

& Responsive

Our team of members love working at Norstan. Most of our team has worked at Norstan for 15+ years.

Waste Reduction

We are proud of our environment-conscious manufacturing practices, energy usage and waste reduction.

How Can We Help?

All Norstan production is in the USA.